Friday Round-Up

I read a good fiction book over the weekend, “Silver Sparrow” by Tayari Jones. It’s about a man who marries really young and falls in love later in life. His affair produces a love child, and instead of divorcing his current wife to marry the woman he loves, he brilliantly decides to become a bigamist. In the meantime, his first wife becomes pregnant as well.

I came across an article today that talked about appreciating what you have, especially when you're feeling down. Just taking the time to write your list can boost your happiness immensely.

I haven't been feeling down, but I thought that listing everything we're thankful for can just be an overall great way to approach life. It helps keep things in perspective and helps us remain happy throughout life. So, I thought, why not?

Here are the five things I am most thankful for:

  1. Everything about my husband.

This week has been absolutely beautiful! There were multiple 50 degree days, the sun was shining, and it felt much more like spring than mid-January. I say, bring on the most wonderful winter in the world, Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, this awesome weather isn’t supposed to last long. Tonight, we are supposed to see our outdoor thermometer hit 10 degrees, and we’ll get the first real snowfall of the winter.

This week has been much calmer. Now that all of the holiday excitement is over, it’s nice to sit back and allow my days to return to an amazing sense of normalcy, complete with goals to accomplish every day, exercise to stick to, and planning to complete. I welcome the set schedule once again. At least for a little while.

In six months, my schedule will be thrown for the biggest loop of my life. As my husband and I welcome our first baby into the house, our formerly scheduled lives will be sure to become one huge mesh of baby’s needs. It’ll be a mess. But it will be a much-welcome mess!

New Year’s always holds a sense of wonder and excitement for me. What can I do with this new year? How can I improve my life? What goals can I set that will both be attainable and challenging at the same time?

This year, my resolutions are rather simple. Since I plan to gain twenty pounds rather than take it off, I think I can easily check the weight goal off the list. Of course, I want to gain the poundage in the healthiest way possible, so while I eat for two, I vow to focus on eating more…but more fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy.

As the holiday preparations wind down, we are left to scramble madly at the last moment or to reflect calmly at another season put to bed. Hopefully, you are in the latter crowd, but if you are not, there is still time to wrap presents and prepare for the welcome onslaught of family.

Next week, we here at MomVesting will take a few moments to offer last minute holiday tips and tricks, celebrate the season and enjoy the simple pleasures of family. We hope you’ll join us for our celebration. We wish you all Happy Holidays.

This week, I can finally make my announcement: I’m pregnant! My husband and I are super-excited about welcoming a baby to our family, and we have roughly six months until D-day to focus on finding all that baby stuff we’ll need. And stocking up on sleep now. I heard that babies can make you slightly tired…

By the looks of my internet reading this week, everyone’s Thanksgiving was successfully full of family, fun and turkey. Mine was also wonderfully fulfilling in so many ways (one of which included giving my new stretchy pants a workout to remember).

Over the year that MomVesting has been live, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great bloggers. We’ve cheered some on in getting out of debt and learned a lot from others. We’ve witnessed lives unfold, and we’ve come to enjoy social networking with the best of the best. Truly, other bloggers have enriched our lives, and today, on the day after the most thankful day of the year, we’d like to say thank you to all of our blogging friends.

As Thanksgiving approaches, many people become more cognizant of the wonderful things and people in our lives. The sun may seem a little brighter and the air a little more crisp (partially in thanks to that cold weather rolling in!). A feast with family and friends is just days away, and all may seem good with life.