A Thanksgiving Thank You to Blogging Friends

A Thanksgiving Thank You to Blogging Friends

Over the year that MomVesting has been live, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great bloggers. We’ve cheered some on in getting out of debt and learned a lot from others. We’ve witnessed lives unfold, and we’ve come to enjoy social networking with the best of the best. Truly, other bloggers have enriched our lives, and today, on the day after the most thankful day of the year, we’d like to say thank you to all of our blogging friends.

MomVesting has followed each of the blogs below for a few months to a full year, and we hope that ya’ll can take a minute to check in with each and get to know these wonderful people as well. Here they are, in no particular order:

Blogs We’ve Loved For a Long Time

Retire by Forty
Money Cone
Prairie Eco Thrifter
Sustainable Life Blog
Broke TO
Thinner and Wiser
Little House in the Valley
The Family CEO Blog
Perfecting Parenthood
Digging Out From Our Mess
Debt Free by Thirty
Minting Nickels
Yes I am Cheap
Afford Anything
Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
Life and My Finances
Money Talks
Femme Frugality

Blogs We’re Excited to Have Discovered Recently

Get Rich Slowly
Money Reasons
Daily Money Shot
Everyday Tips and Thoughts
Mighty Bargain Hunter
Budgets are Sexy
Beating Broke
Live Real Now
Free Money Finance
Frugal Confessions
The Debt Princess
Krant Cents

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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femmefrugality's picture

femmefrugality wrote:

Fri, 11/25/2011 - 16:33 Comment #: 1

Awwww I'm thankful for you guys, too. :)

Christa Palm's picture

Christa Palm wrote:

Mon, 11/28/2011 - 18:31 Comment #: 2

@ Femme: love your blog, but I haven't been able to comment on it lately. Now I see the name/URL option, so I can comment again :)