Friday Round-Up

As the weeks wind down to baby time, my nesting instinct has kicked into high gear. In fact, my nest-preparation may be hinging a little (or a lot…) on the crazy side. Why? Well, because I’ve turned my entire house upside down in search of items that we no longer need or use, all so that I can sell them.

All this baby stuff is really taking up a lot of time, so I apologize for being lax on Friday Round-up. I have managed to get around to all y'all's blogs to read and comment on them, and your posts were wonderful the last few weeks. But this is my first post about the best of the best for weeks!

Without further adieu (…because I have to run to the airport to pick up my sister…), here’s the Friday Round-Up. Enjoy my picks for the week!

I’m dressed like a homeless person at the moment. Sweat pants because they fit comfortably below my big preggo belly. A pink long-sleeved t-shirt and short-sleeved tee combo because they’re cute and comfy (even though they’re not quite long enough to cover the pot belly!). Tossed on a red hoodie because I was cold....then added a powder blue vest for more warmth. Oh, and I have red fuzzy slippers, and my frizzy curls were somewhat tamed back into a ponytail this morning.

Yes. Not. So. Pretty.

Well, it’s official. The search for low-cost baby items has begun. And it’s exhausting. Maybe because I just entered the third trimester? Maybe because I hate to shop? Maybe because I despise spending money? I don’t know. Whatever the case, I’ll be ready to have my baby-stuff stockpile completed…and to never have to shop again! (For a little while anyway…)

I’m anxiously awaiting my final piece to my taxes so that I can file away. Silly person, wanting to file taxes, you say? Well, I’m excited to file because the government owes us money. (I know, I know: make adjustments so I’m not loaning the government money. We will.) But this year, it’s nice to get a windfall from Uncle Sam. To roll in the dough. To find money raining from the sky.

This weather has been uh-maze-ing. Absolutely, fantastically, wonderfully amazing. It’s reached 65, 70 and 75 degrees in the last three days alone, and each day has been sunnier than the last.

Surprisingly, I was able to resist playing hooky by making a daily schedule for myself – and by turning my computer monitor toward the window. Sure, there have been times that I’ve had to squint to see the words swimming across the page, but it was well worth the effort.

The weeks are flying by at top speed now, and I’m beginning to feel the need to nest in preparation for baby’s arrival. While I sit here in my little office typing up a storm, I imagine placing the crib on this wall, the changing table beneath the window and a chair in the corner. The problem is, I don’t have a crib. Or a complete changing table. Or a chair.

I haven’t talked about my pregnancy on here recently. Thankfully, there’s not a lot to report: I feel absolutely wonderful; I walk 3.5 miles per day; and Baby Girl is growing like a weed in my belly. Oh, yeah, that’s right: It’s a girl!

This week was busy once again. Throw Valentine’s Day and a day out with a friend into my normal routine, and I’m just strapped for time! Fortunately, being busier than normal was very welcome: Valentine’s Day was lovely, and it’s always great to see my best girlfriend – especially since she’s leaving for a three week deployment in Italy on Saturday (lucky duck!).

All in all, it was a wonderful week, and I still found time to read a ton of awesome posts online. Here are some of the best. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I am reminded to appreciate my husband for the wonderful person that he is. Not that I need an overly-commercialized day of pink construction hearts and red cupids to tell me that I am blessed, but it’s nice to slow down once in a while and take stock of the beauty and treasures in my life.

We plan to celebrate in a low-key way once again, as is our tradition. Maybe some chocolates and a nice dinner. Maybe some ice cream and a movie. One thing is pretty guaranteed: sugar will most likely be involved, since we both have sweet tooths.