Friday Round-Up: The Best in Personal Finance Blogs

Friday Round-Up: The Best in Personal Finance Blogs

As the weeks wind down to baby time, my nesting instinct has kicked into high gear. In fact, my nest-preparation may be hinging a little (or a lot…) on the crazy side. Why? Well, because I’ve turned my entire house upside down in search of items that we no longer need or use, all so that I can sell them.

That set of china from a distant relative that I’ve held onto for years and never used – out of here. The two remaining from-the-college-years particle board pieces of furniture – sayonara. The stand mixer that everyone else seems to desire but just always got in my never-baked-a-fancy-cake-in-my-life way – au revoir.

All of these items and so many more are now in my garage, awaiting my garage sale tomorrow. I’ve priced them low to get rid of them, and I hope to have a clear path to my husband’s workbench within a day.

All to make room for Baby.


Am I really going to place my baby girl in my now empty kitchen cabinets? Would the unused furniture really have caused a trip hazard in our now vacant basement? No. But it’s a need I can’t explain.

On a huge positive front, selling all these items should return a few hundred bucks – much appreciated as we move forward with new necessities, like diapers, wipes, rattles and pacifiers.

I did still manage to read quite a bit this week (a tired, nesting momma-to-be needs some down time!). Here’s what I found on the blogosphere this week:

  • If your Mz. (or Mr.) Fix-It skills leave a lot to be desired, you’re not alone! Check in with Joe at Retire by Forty as he shares how to fix a microwave for $10 rather than $150. Impressive? Yes, we believe so.
  • Need the deets on college expenses? Julie at The Family CEO Blog details everything about the college expenses for her daughter and explains how it is possible for her family to pay cash.
  • Christmas Eve is long past, but Suba at Wealth Informatics can’t stop thinking about it – and for good reason. Join her for her story about helping a stranger and her young son on Christmas Eve. Then stick around to share your own thoughts about homelessness, life situations, generosity, fear and love.
  • Guest poster Belinda James shares ”How I Got Rich Quickly, Then Failed…Miserably.” Join her at Get Rich Slowly to learn from her mistakes.
  • Blaming the economy or your finances for an extra ten or twenty pounds? Check in with guest poster Agatha K. at Budgets are Sexy. She writes a great post about “Why I was Fatter When My Finances Sucked.”

When you're done checking out the best of the best blogs for the week, give MomVesting a shout out about your craziest nesting experiences!

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femmefrugality's picture

femmefrugality wrote:

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 23:08 Comment #: 1

I did the same thing when I was preggers! And still am.... Are you doing a yard sale or ebay or what? Thanks for the links! Looking forward to checking them out!

Christa Palm's picture

Christa Palm wrote:

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 21:26 Comment #: 2

Femme, we did a garage sale, and it was very successful! We immediately bought a crib with the proceeds -- now it's time to set up the nursery :-)