“Can you help me?”

How many times has someone asked you this question? More importantly, what’s your response? These days, with prices rising and paychecks stalling or even becoming nonexistant due to job loss, there are a number of us who could use a little help. And, on the flip side, there are a number of us who would actually love to help – if we could. So what do you do if someone asks for help in a monetary form but you really just cannot fork over the green they need? Here are some ideas on helping out even when your own wallet is thin.

Everbody Eats

Last time we covered single parenting and finances, we took a look at how to get on stable ground, which included information about applying for government assistance. Now that we're on solid ground, it's time to work at getting ahead and breaking the poverty line. One of the very best ways to accomplish this is to become educated. Let's take a look at education as the springboard to your financial future.

Why Attend School?

You don’t need me to tell you finding a movie these days the whole family can enjoy can be a challenge. That's why we here at MomVesting are starting with a new kind of “Investing in Family” post: the family-focused movie review. For this round, we’ll take a step back in time to bring you an almost-oldie, but a goodie: "The Princess Bride." I’ll just warn you all up front: I love "The Princess Bride." It is in my top two favorite movies of all time (right up there with "Gone With the Wind").

Memorial Day for many marks both a time of military service remembrance and the beginning of summer. It’s often the grand kickoff to the outdoor activities of choice, with many people celebrating by throwing barbeques, attending potluck picnics and camping. It’s even a weekend that can be marked by tradition; some families camp every year, others host cookouts annually on the day of remembrance. All in all, this holiday can be deeply steeped in tradition, fun and sun.

I intended to write a blurb about the Facebook IPO, but it’s been a busy day with little time to research the IPO’s mishandling. I’ll say what I can in one sentence: there are many issues at stake. That’s it in one simple, concise sentence. Yet it’s very disappointing to all the small investors out there who have lost a sizable amount of money in the trade.

I’m living proof that traits and talents don’t skip a generation, like the old theory goes. If they did, I’d have a green thumb just like my Grandma (and be able to sew and quilt and crochet and paint and...). Alas, I’m not known for my gardening abilities, and guess what? I have a house that faces a public street and the neighbors; this house needs something...anything...done to it so that it looks like I’m not truly cultivating weeds on purpose.

Today, in our Misconceptions About Finance series, let's address one of the most widely accepted misconceptions: that debt is normal. That it's okay to be in debt. That our American life as we know it is impossible without incurring massive amounts of debt (okay, maybe the "life as we know it" idea is true...but we'll get to that later). First, let's start with the big ideas about debt.

Debt as a Normal Trend

These days, the idea of being environmentally friendly is very trendy and, well, friendly to the environment. From reusable grocery bags to hybrid cars, nods to being earth conscious are virtually everywhere. Here are three at-home tricks you can put into practice today that are small steps in the earth-saving direction. And because frugality is always at the forefront of my mind, these are ideas that will not drain your wallet.

The Cleaner’s In The Cupboard

As we delve deeper into investing terms, we come across the book value per share. This ratio is listed on stock ratio sheets, and it is an important term to know. However, the book value per share is not one of the most integral ratios for investors to consider. Instead, it is often used within a company to determine the health and safety of the company, as determined on a per share basis. Even so, let’s take a look at this ratio definition.

What is Book Value per Share?

I think I need to practice saying no more often. Especially to vacuum salespeople.