We instinctively know what assets and liabilities are, but defining them precisely can help us make better financial decisions. We've looked at assets already, so let's take a look at liabilities.

A liability is a financial term for an obligation to pay something in the future, which typically takes the all-too-familiar form of debt. Anything that you are required to repay at some point becomes a financial liability, including these examples:

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Most of us have probably heard about diversification and always assumed it was a good thing. We’ve always been more worried about how to achieve diversification rather than whether to do so. Let’s go ahead and upset the apple cart here and investigate a basic question: Is diversification good?

What Is Diversification?

So we all have a rough idea of what earnings are, but what exactly do they mean in the corporate world? Ultimately, earnings are how much money a company made after all its expenses were deducted. The way we arrive at the number is pretty complex, but it at least gives us an answer to a simple question: Is the company making money?

In light of the recent housing market crash, the early 2000’s "dot com" crash, and each of the stock market crashes that followed, we should learn to be cautious of asset bubbles.  These bubbles become dangerous to investors because the larger the asset price increase, the larger the bursting bubble and the larger the losses. What do we need to know to protect ourselves from asset bubbles?

In James Bond movies the so-called "Bond Girls" were the epitome of excitement, danger and intrigue. In the financial world, bonds are generally sought by those looking for the exact opposite. So let's take a look at whether or not you should become a bond girl; what role should bonds play in your portfolio?

You know our mantra -- knowledge is power when it comes to your finances, and you can't be in the game unless you know the lingo. We hear the words "asset," "liquid asset," and "depreciating asset" thrown around a lot -- now's the time to get a handle on exactly what those terms mean.

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It doesn't matter what stage of life you're in -- whether you're still in school and figuring out how to pay off your student loans, single and climbing your career ladder, starting off in family life and combining finances for the first time, well on your way with a family in tow, or considering retirement -- taking control of your future by learning the financial ropes is absolutely a possibility (and, these days, pretty essential) for you!