Single Parenting

Last time that we talked about single parenting, we discussed how you can land your ideal job. But once there, how can you keep that job when you're the sole provider for your lovely but needy children?

Many single parents may find themselves starting a first career later in life than others. 'Cause, let's face it, juggling raising children on your own with working, going to school, cleaning, getting dinner on the table and keeping your sanity in check can be a huge feat that can take many years to complete.

As we continue to look into the specific challenges that single parents face, we come to the topic of family finances when you're the sole provider. And I've got to admit, it's tough. Single parents must find childcare and provide for their family, many times without any assistance. That can be rough...but thankfully it is possible. Let's take a look.

Continuing our series on single parenting, we come to the fact that finances can be rough. Really rough. Okay, they can be downright mean and dirty. Especially when you're getting back on your feet, caring for children on your own and unable to afford some of the basics in life, let alone the luxuries.

Last time we covered single parenting and finances, we took a look at how to get on stable ground, which included information about applying for government assistance. Now that we're on solid ground, it's time to work at getting ahead and breaking the poverty line. One of the very best ways to accomplish this is to become educated. Let's take a look at education as the springboard to your financial future.

Why Attend School?

When my mother was thrown into the single parent pool, she was grossly unprepared. Only 24-years old and presented with supporting three kids under five-years old, she was overwhelmed. Not only was her divorce situation heart-breaking, but the thought of taking care of three kids with a part-time minimum wage job was unimaginable. What could she possibly do?

Here at MomVesting, we're beginning a new series that focuses on the struggles single parents face in the financial realm. We plan to tackle topics like how to get back on your feet, how to invest time into your kids when time is tight, and how to get ahead in life despite all odds, among many other topics.

These topics may seem like a leap coming from a married work-at-home-momma-to-be, so I wanted to introduce the series by sharing my own experiences as a part of the single mom phenomenon. So here it goes: the intro and my story!

Growing Up in a Single Mom Household