Investing in Others

“Can you help me?”

How many times has someone asked you this question? More importantly, what’s your response? These days, with prices rising and paychecks stalling or even becoming nonexistant due to job loss, there are a number of us who could use a little help. And, on the flip side, there are a number of us who would actually love to help – if we could. So what do you do if someone asks for help in a monetary form but you really just cannot fork over the green they need? Here are some ideas on helping out even when your own wallet is thin.

Everbody Eats

What is it about life that sometimes it seems all you're surrounded by are Debbie Downers? And not even the funny kind of SNL fame? You know the kind of person I'm talking about, right? Someone who always has something negative to say, kind of like the following:

You: Our dryer quit, but we bought a new one this weekend – at a great price!
Them: I heard that brand melts clothes. And sets houses on fire.

Texting. Gabbing on the cell phone. Using a mobile device to update a social network or three. These days, such sights are so common that one would probably think something was amiss if you didn’t see it going on all around. I can’t help but feeling sometimes that despite all the means we have of keeping connected, there can still be a gap in “connectedness.”