As I mentioned in an earlier post, my twin girls are turning six this year. Honestly, some days it’s still hard to believe I have a set of healthy, vibrant twin girls, much less a set who is past the toddling and preschool age.

If your home is financially under water or you're having trouble making payments, it may be tempting to call it quits and head for the hills. But this may not be your best option; leaving your home high and dry for the bank to repossess can tank your credit score. If you had any other option by which you could stay in your home, would you take it? Well, let's look at the details behind two government programs that could save your &#% (that spells house, people!).

HARP: Home Affordable Refinance Program

Who would have thought that increasing taxes on junk food could possibly amount to a potential $2 billion dollars in the state's pocket? Why, government officials, of course. In Illinois, that's exactly what is being proposed by Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Hospital Association Chief Maryjane Wurth. Why all the hype behind the junk food tax and how's it gonna help? Let's take a look at everything behind the reasoning, and then weigh in with your thoughts!

Reason Number One Behind the Junk Food Tax

Cake baking can get boring. There are usually only a few options for the actual baking: making a traditional cake, whipping up some cupcakes or baking an everyday cake batter in a cake mold. Beyond that, creativity in the cake world has been assigned to the decorating…until now.

Here at MomVesting, we're beginning a new series that focuses on the struggles single parents face in the financial realm. We plan to tackle topics like how to get back on your feet, how to invest time into your kids when time is tight, and how to get ahead in life despite all odds, among many other topics.

These topics may seem like a leap coming from a married work-at-home-momma-to-be, so I wanted to introduce the series by sharing my own experiences as a part of the single mom phenomenon. So here it goes: the intro and my story!

Growing Up in a Single Mom Household

Okay, I admit it. I loved The Hunger Games (book version). And I simply could hardly wait to see how they translated all the action and characters onto the big screen. So finally the other night, my hubby and I left our girls with a dear friend and headed out to check out the adventures of Katniss and Peeta at our local theater.

The popularity of rent-to-own homes has been increasing ever since the housing market crashed. With so many people down on their luck and so many houses available for sale, it can make sense for both parties to set up a rent-to-own agreement. Why? And how does this real estate transaction work? Well, let's take a look.

The Basics

I've never been a big fruit fan, even as a child. I'll never know why. Fruit is just one of those things that I have to force myself to fit into my diet. Veggies? No issues. In fact, even as a kid, I loved big salads. Loved 'em. My favorite place to eat was Bonanza (do you remember those?!) because I could pick all of the toppings that I wanted off the salad bar, eat my veggies, then go back for more. Yes: I. Was. Strange.

Part-time jobs may be best known as an outlet for teens and college kids, but that outlook on the part-time gig may be changing. Employers, it seems, have begun to offer better-paying jobs with flexibility and benefits to the would-be part-time employee. What does this mean for you and me? Well, it may mean that if you don’t have more than a few hours to spare for employment, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of minimum wage. Let’s take a look at this new breed of part-time employment.

Bigger and Better Benefits

With mega-stars making their fame through reproducing nowadays, many people have begun to argue about how many children is enough for one family. Are Jon and Kate of the "Kate Plus Eight" family terrible people because they chose to go through with a sextuplet pregnancy? Are the Duggars crazy because of their "19 Kids and Counting"? Where on the spectrum does Octo-mom lie? Since this is a finance website, let's look at this social issue solely by finances. Then feel free to weigh in with your thoughts!

Choice and Pre-Planning