A while back, I wrote an opinion article "Counting Children: How Many is Too Many?" In it, I discussed reality stars who are having large numbers of children. Some responsibly, some not. And I got some great responses to my opinions, which is now driving me to better lay out my thoughts on the issue of family size in normal families. You know, for those who don't have cameras following them around every day. Like me...and possibly you...

Who would have thought that increasing taxes on junk food could possibly amount to a potential $2 billion dollars in the state's pocket? Why, government officials, of course. In Illinois, that's exactly what is being proposed by Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Hospital Association Chief Maryjane Wurth. Why all the hype behind the junk food tax and how's it gonna help? Let's take a look at everything behind the reasoning, and then weigh in with your thoughts!

Reason Number One Behind the Junk Food Tax

With mega-stars making their fame through reproducing nowadays, many people have begun to argue about how many children is enough for one family. Are Jon and Kate of the "Kate Plus Eight" family terrible people because they chose to go through with a sextuplet pregnancy? Are the Duggars crazy because of their "19 Kids and Counting"? Where on the spectrum does Octo-mom lie? Since this is a finance website, let's look at this social issue solely by finances. Then feel free to weigh in with your thoughts!

Choice and Pre-Planning