Who would have thought that increasing taxes on junk food could possibly amount to a potential $2 billion dollars in the state's pocket? Why, government officials, of course. In Illinois, that's exactly what is being proposed by Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Hospital Association Chief Maryjane Wurth. Why all the hype behind the junk food tax and how's it gonna help? Let's take a look at everything behind the reasoning, and then weigh in with your thoughts!

Reason Number One Behind the Junk Food Tax

I found it rather interesting lately that the media has portrayed our shrinking population growth as an alarming trend. Many sources have cited that the drop in the average growth rate to 1.9% isn't even enough to replace the numbers of people dying. This makes me wonder, though, if that's really so terrible. Do we honestly need to increase our population? Let me elaborate on my thoughts, if you'd be so kind, and then let's start a debate in the comments below.

Debunking the "Higher Population Equals World Domination" Theory

Most economists claim that the economy is turning around, however slowly, and many people are considering purchasing a home. The harshness of the economic downturn has left a wide variety of potential home buyers: those relocated by a change in work, previous owners who have had to change residences, first-time buyers, etc. While these individuals, families and couples may all come from different lifestyles, they may also have the same question: Is now a good time for me to buy a house?

If you've been watching the financial news lately, you've probably not found it overly comforting. Among the many threats we hear about is inflation