Buying a House

When you're looking for a home, there are standard real estate listings like single family homes and condos. Then there are your non-standard listings. The ones that can seem like a mega-deal...or a killer trap. One such non-standard listing is a home on leased land, and this type of home purchase can come with some perks and some dangers. Let's take a look at this type of real estate investment a little more closely.

What is a Leased Land Home?

Most economists claim that the economy is turning around, however slowly, and many people are considering purchasing a home. The harshness of the economic downturn has left a wide variety of potential home buyers: those relocated by a change in work, previous owners who have had to change residences, first-time buyers, etc. While these individuals, families and couples may all come from different lifestyles, they may also have the same question: Is now a good time for me to buy a house?