Bigger and Better Part-Time Jobs

Bigger and Better Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs may be best known as an outlet for teens and college kids, but that outlook on the part-time gig may be changing. Employers, it seems, have begun to offer better-paying jobs with flexibility and benefits to the would-be part-time employee. What does this mean for you and me? Well, it may mean that if you don’t have more than a few hours to spare for employment, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of minimum wage. Let’s take a look at this new breed of part-time employment.

Bigger and Better Benefits

One of the first places that employers have begun to up their game in the part-time biz is the benefits department. Gone are the days of a closed door to the benefit package for those working fewer than 40 hours per week. Now, many employers offer health insurance, 401(k) plans, stock options, tuition reimbursement and life insurance.

Of course, not all companies have jumped on board the part-time benefit bandwagon, but here are a few that offer one or more of the benefits above: Costco, Starbucks, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, UPS, REI and Build-A-Bear.

Bigger and Better Hourly Pay Structures

When you think about the part-time work environment, most people consider the pay to be at or slightly above minimum wage. But this only applies to the average part-time job. Thinking creatively about part-time work can snag you a job that pays pretty well.

Some suggestions to look into for jobs that pay anywhere from $10 to $20 include: medical billing, caregiver for the elderly or disabled and product merchandiser. There are many other creative ways to rake in some cash on your own, like E-bay sales, freelancing and blogging.

Bigger and Better Flexibility

The final place traditional employers may bend the bygone rules of part-time employment is the flexibility factor. A few well-known business models that are more flexible with hours worked and place of employment include: off-hours answering service companies, tutoring agencies, and sales or customer service telemarketing services.

Traditional employers aren’t the only place to look for a flexible environment that pays well. You might not have to look very far at all. Only as far as your laptop computer or home office; starting your own company from the comfort of your home has never been easier. And you can set your own hours and pay.

As our world evolves, employers can begin to acknowledge that skilled employees don’t always need to be nine-to-fivers. If you’re on the lookout for a part-time gig that acknowledges your skills, check into companies that offer bigger and better benefits, pay and flexibility. Or branch out on your own. Better part-time work is out there for the taking if you’re ready to make the switch.

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