You'd be hard pressed to come up with a Work-At-Home job that can't benefit from having a website. Having a website is a great way to establish trust with prospective clients and present a branded image of yourself. Even if you're working for someone else, having a blog where you talk about your work ethic and your skills is a great way to market yourself for a pay raise or a better position.

What Do I Need?

It may seem intimidating, but to get started with your own website you really only need three things:

  1. A Domain Name

I recently had a conversation with a friend nearing retirement about her financial status after the market crash. She presented some of her finance concerns, and I would like to share her story -- and some advice -- about getting back on track after flailing in the financial crisis.

Anna’s Story

In an ironically titled post, “Delayed Gratification:  What Kids and Marshmallows Teach Us About Wealth Creation,” Money Cactus shared how linked our ability to resist sweets might be without ability to resist splurging.  It’s nice to have you back online, Shaun!

I have always been a self-reliant individual. As a child, I took care of myself and my little sister while my mother worked, and I was “cooking” — sandwiches, mac and cheese, fruit salad, cookies, etc. — since I was 12 years old. The teen years struck me with an even more independent nature, and the minute I graduated from high school, I was out the door.

Working from home can be compared to running a marathon -- you have dedicate yourself to your craft, train every day, learn how to overcome obstacles, and be comfortable with competition. Working from home and running are both investments you make in yourself, and you will have to commit to reach the ultimate goal.

In finance we hear the term "principal" quite a bit -- but we all know we're not talking about our favorite education professional. So when talking personal finance, what is principal?

Thinking about saving money for the future these days is a bit like getting your child to eat veggies after they turn two.  Both scenarios can be difficult for parents, despite the fact that both really are in the best interest of all parties involved.  Eventually, though, Junior will eat something of solid nutritional value on his own without your prompting, hair pulling, or begging.  Saving some of your income can also be painless, easy, and certainly beneficial.  In our ongoing series of great accounts for your money, we bring you a bit on College Savings Accounts. 

This week at Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink, Retirebyforty wrote up a guest post about a “Lesson from Bungy Jumping.”  All I can say is, Joe, you have a lot more courage than I do! 

On Retirebyforty’s own blog, he just posted another lesson we can all learn, “Investment Fundamental #10 – Start Early.” 

Making time for yourself.  It's a lovely thought, right?  On this site, we've established that it's healthy and needed in any mom's life.  We've even thrown out some ideas on how to carve out an inexpensive hour for yourself while the kids are entertained.  Now, it's time to reclaim some at-home, after-the-sun-goes-down, adult-only time (for yourself or even to share with that special someone).  If bedtime at your

We've talked about both treasury bonds as well as Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. For those who are interested in taking a position in treasuries, but want to do it with the liquidity of a stock, treasury ETFs can be a handy tool.

Why Treasury ETFs?