Investing In Yourself: Making Time for Mom

Investing In Yourself: Making Time for Mom

Picture this, if you will.  It's any given day in Anytown, USA.  More specifically, it's early evening, also known affectionately as "the witching hour" to some.  You know what time I'm talking about:  your kiddos are fighting with each other if they're not whining and clinging to your legs.   You're trying to get dinner to the table after another hectic day, and your dear hubby is relaxing in front of the tube.  And he keeps turning up the volume as the kids' voices escalate.  Laundry is waiting, homework is waiting, bathtime is waiting, and don't even get started on housework.  Who among us moms has not had one of these personalized Calgon-take-me-away moments?  Anybody?  Here's some food for thought: why not let Calgon take you away?  That's right.  It's time to talk about investing in yourself by taking out some time for you and you alone.

But I have no time as it is . . .

It doesn't matter if you punch the clock for someone daily from 9 - 5 or if you spend your day taking care of your kiddos at home.  The bottom line is: you're busy.  Your time is precious, and every day sees life eating away at the clock.  You're spread thin.  We get it.  What mom isn't?

However, today's moms are usually pretty savvy at scheduling play dates, lunch dates, dates with spouses.  Why not pencil in a date with, well, yourself?  We bet you have some time on your packed calendar to schedule in an hour here or there.  Think of it this way.  You would not accept a job that never gave you some sort of scheduled time off.  Even though our "job" as a mom is never done and we remain "on call" 24/7/365, you need a break.

But why? I'm fine, really.

Because you need time, too.  Answer us this: when was the last time you did something solely for yourself?  We're not talking about the hubby staying with the kids so you could run and pick up some cold medicine for Junior because, of course, he's caught something at school, again.  We're not even really talking about the last date night you had with your husband, either (though that is certainly important and vital to a relationship).  The point we're trying to make is this:  You need to make time for yourself so you can be the best you. Period.

It's amazing what some uninterrupted time doing something of your choosing that you love will do for your mind and spirit.  Maybe it's finding a quiet spot in your home, preferably with a door that locks, and digging into a good book (or scrapbooking or journaling.  Insert your preference here.) for a good hour or two.  Or maybe you hop into the car, blast some of your favorite music, and just drive, having nowhere to be at any certain time.  Perhaps it's taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood or through a local park, minus the stroller.  Whatever you like to do, schedule time and just do it.

Enlist some help

We know that you can't very well leave small children at home alone or unsupervised while you're indulging in "me time."  So, while you're scheduling your time, schedule some help as well.  Work out a time that's agreeable for both you and your spouse or partner.  If you need to, call in Grandma, Aunt Susie or even your teenaged-yet-responsible niece to make sure the kiddos stay safe while you're recharging your batteries.  Chances are, there's someone close to you  that will be more than happy to give a little of their time so you can have some of that precious stuff to yourself.

Married or single, working or at home, you need some time to yourself.  Go ahead, schedule your date with Calgon today.  Trust us, you'll see and feel the difference, and so will everyone around you.

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Monique's picture

Monique wrote:

Mon, 11/22/2010 - 15:07 Comment #: 1

My son is two and I've only recently learned the importance of this. My mom kept drilling it in my head during my pregnancy but I think the estrogen was getting to me. I used to feel guilty for just wanting to be left alone for about an hour each day after getting home. I should want to be with my baby and nothing else right? I realized that I wasn't helping either one of us if I was stressed, tired and overworked. Instead, I take the weekends and really allow myself to be. His dad gets up early with him, let's me do my running around sans the little one and just be lazy for two whole days watching tv and reading. Granted we're all in the same house, I still get that quiet time. I've also gotten in the habit of taking two days off each month to stay home and relax. I drop the little one at daycare and then come back home and sleep, go shopping or just surf the net. 8 hours of being a lazy woman helps me get my head back in the game and I love it!

As a single parent it's especially important to take that time to decompress. I cherish the weekend as if it's an extended European vacation. By Sunday afternoon, I'm a new woman and ready to get back at it.

Now if I can I just figure in time to workout, all will be right in the world. :)

Melinda Gregory's picture

Melinda Gregory wrote:

Mon, 11/22/2010 - 16:26 Comment #: 2

@ Monique: I'm glad you've gotten into the groove of making time for yourself! You're right: time away is good for both you & your little one; it really does renew, refresh & restore. Thanks for sharing!

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Ariel Basile wrote:

Tue, 06/19/2012 - 14:01 Comment #: 3

Melinda - this is a great piece. It is so true! I feel like women, especially these days, are expected to be Superwoman, and if they are not then they are "failing". Take care of spouses, of kids, work, clean, cook, exercise and look as good as possible all the time - EVERYTHING. There is so much pressure and it is so important to keep some time for yourself even though it seems impossible otherwise you lose yourself. I am working with an author of a book called Body Back and it has really opened my eyes to the importance and the role of a woman in everyone's lives.

We are currently doing a "Nominate a Deserving Mom for Her to Win a $100 Spa Visit" on Facebook with the Autism Awareness charity Generation Rescue. It's all about moms deserving their own time. I hope you or some of your readers nominate another mom in your life! (A friend, relative, etc.)

=) Thanks for the great writing.