It used to be that a college degree could take you places. College graduates were almost guaranteed a job that paid well enough to live on upon graduation. But nowadays, that no longer seems to be the case. Graduates are fighting with the unemployed and underemployed of the older generations for jobs – any jobs – even if it's not in their area of study. Does that mean that college is no longer worth the cash? Well, at the danger of over-using a favorite MomVesting phrase, let's go ahead and say it: It depends.

Sometimes cash flow can seem like an ugly, greedy little monster that sucks the very life out of you. I mean, you might feel like you never have enough to get by. You could live paycheck to paycheck, every month waiting for the new deposit simply so that you can feed your family. Or perhaps you live comfortably but feel there's never enough to enjoy life. Whatever your case, feeling like money is evil is actually quite common. But it doesn't have to be money versus life; there are ways to feel more at peace with the money that exists within your life. Let's look at some ways.

There doesn't seem to be a week that goes by without our local news doing some kind of story or focus on gas prices. Recently, I watched a story about how the prices in our area have shot up a pretty hefty amount fairly quickly. And while we, the consumers, really don't have any immediate control over the price we pay at the pump, there are some tips we can employ to help us save on filling up our cars.

Lowest Bidder

Groupon. Saveology. Living Social. Unless you're living under a rock, chances are you've probably heard of at least one of these sites. Websites that hook the consumer up with local business services at a deep discount are big these days, and it seems new similar sites are popping up on the web often. But do these sites really save you money?

Know Your Stuff

Rainy days, cold and snowy days, too-hot days.  If you have kids, finding ways to keep them amused on such days that doesn't involve a slew of Barney videos or the Wii can be a bit challenging at times.  Why not take an indoor kind of day and turn it into an opportunity to have fun and learn a bit about money?  Here's an idea for a game that most kids will like and will also sneak in a bit of financial education to boot.

What You Need

Oh, the days of getting an allowance when Mom or Dad gave you money pretty regularly.  Maybe it was tied to chores, and maybe it wasn't, but an allowance - your allowance - was money that took the trip to the candy store from dream to reality.  Pretty sweet, wasn't it?  Now as parents, we might find ourselves in the proverbial boat as our 'rents were.  When is a good time for Junior to start receiving his own money?  If you have children and are pondering when to start giving them a regular allowance, here are some very general guidelines that might help you gather if your child is re

You've heard of those recipes that hide veggies in typical kid fare?  The kids (in theory) enjoy their mac and cheese, never knowing they're getting a dose of cauliflower along with the cheese and noodles.  Maybe, just maybe, those creative moms are on to something.