I am exceedingly glad parenting does not require a degree in spaceship engineering, especially when it comes to kids and finances.  With support from your spouse, extended family and good friends as well as the vastness that it is the world wide web, teaching kids about money and savings takes little more than the two C's: common sense and consistency. 

Oh, the days of getting an allowance when Mom or Dad gave you money pretty regularly.  Maybe it was tied to chores, and maybe it wasn't, but an allowance - your allowance - was money that took the trip to the candy store from dream to reality.  Pretty sweet, wasn't it?  Now as parents, we might find ourselves in the proverbial boat as our 'rents were.  When is a good time for Junior to start receiving his own money?  If you have children and are pondering when to start giving them a regular allowance, here are some very general guidelines that might help you gather if your child is re