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Groupon. Saveology. Living Social. Unless you're living under a rock, chances are you've probably heard of at least one of these sites. Websites that hook the consumer up with local business services at a deep discount are big these days, and it seems new similar sites are popping up on the web often. But do these sites really save you money?

Know Your Stuff

I'm not sure if anything has amazed me as much as the movie Moneyball did. I was flabbergasted by so many things: the mathematical equations, the dollar amounts floating around, the basic premise of saving money by booking baseball's most undervalued players, and the human interaction that was needed to make the rag-tag team of players cohesive. But I'm getting ahead of myself; let's look at the basic premise of Moneyball and then get into the amazing financial and mathematical principles that can be applied to our lives.

Show me the...Moneyball

As a stay-at-home mom, you know that your service to the good of the family is invaluable, but have you ever stopped to consider exactly how much you save your family in a given year? Follow along as we lay out the basic savings your job gives your family. Then sit back and contemplate your awesomeness!

Child Care

Congratulations, MomVesting reader. You've made it through yet another Christmas season. Who's for looking ahead to next year's holiday season? Now, don't click away just yet; hear me out. Yes, many of our seasonal lights are still blinking away after the sun goes down, and many of us have just finished carting out the large garbage bag stuffed full of wrapping and tissue paper. And some of us – the lucky ones – still have a few Christmas cookies or goodies hanging around the house.

Frugality has been a topic of conversation with many finance bloggers in the recent the months, and there seems to be a consensus that it is possible to be too frugal. This may seem surprising at first glance. I mean, how can it hurt to save as much money as possible? Let's take a look at the principles behind frugality and how being too frugal can be detrimental to your finances.

How Do You Define Frugality?

Frugality seems to be making a comeback these days; saving money is hot, especially now that Christmas is right around the corner. We've brought you some ideas on buying gifts that are cheap (and some that don't cost a penny!), and now we add a few make-your-own ideas to the table.

Making your own Christmas gifts need not be daunting or dismissed as too chintzy or cheap. It's a way to give something that you've crafted with your own hands specifically for someone; the fact that it traditionally doesn't cost a whole lot is just a bonus.

Bake or Cook a Gift

So here it is, mere days until Christmas, and you're still working your way through your Christmas list. Plus you have next-to-nothing in your bank account. Take heart, fellow shopper. It is possible to give some quality gifts that will be appreciated without forking over your next paycheck plus an arm and a leg. Here are some inexpensive strategies to help you tackle those last few gifts on your list.

Gift of Time

I can't believe it's the Christmas season already. If you're anything like me, you're making lists and mapping out some kind of strategy to get those last-minute gifts bought. And, if you're anything like me, you'd like to buy those gifts without the added stress of spending tons of cash. Fear not, my procrastinator friends: it is entirely possible to finish up your gift buying without breaking your bank.

That's What Friends Are For

As we get closer to Christmas, it's possible you might be feeling a pinch in your budget. Affording Christmas gifts on top of a shaky economy and rising prices is enough to test just about anyone's income. However, before whipping out your plastic to take care of the gifts on your list, consider using the cash you'd normally spend on household expenses, such as groceries, and applying it to your holiday purchases.

A few years ago, I lived in a beautiful farmhouse located 45 minutes from my workplace. The commute was long, but I enjoyed it. For a while. When my husband started to work in the same city, we thought we had it made: we’d carpool together. What was a dream quickly turned into a nightmare, though; the hubby’s job demanded he work overtime with no notice. Which left me stuck in town with nothing to do for hours on end.