Two Strategies For Saving Money On Holiday Gifts

Two Strategies For Saving Money On Holiday Gifts

I can't believe it's the Christmas season already. If you're anything like me, you're making lists and mapping out some kind of strategy to get those last-minute gifts bought. And, if you're anything like me, you'd like to buy those gifts without the added stress of spending tons of cash. Fear not, my procrastinator friends: it is entirely possible to finish up your gift buying without breaking your bank.

That's What Friends Are For

So say there is a great "buy one, get one" sale going on at any given store. Nice, because it brings the total cost of two items down to half each. Also, say you really don't need two of one given thing. Here's where your friends and/or family could come in and help you score a half-off deal while crossing off a gift off of their own list, also at half-off.

Real life example: my girls have been wild about a certain Thomas toy (don't ask - they seem to love anything "boyish"), which retails for right around $60. Well, a chain discount store had a "buy one, get one half-off" sale on all of their Thomas items. I put a feeler out on Facebook to see if anyone else was looking to buy this toy, and lo and behond, I had a friend who was ready, willing and able to nab a second one and split the total price. I also was able to find coupons that took an additional $10 off per toy and somehow had another $5 off to use on any purchase over $50 at that store. Total for both of us for two majorly expensive Thomas toys? $72 – and that's including tax. Even if you don't have any additional savings, BOGO sales can benefit both parties involved.

My Mama Told Me You'd Better Shop Around

While one-stop shopping definitely has its advantages, it just might not be the best overall bet for your Christmas budget. This is where comparison shopping, or taking into account the price on a certain item at several stores, can come in handy.

Case in point: last year my daughters were wild for anything and everything Zhu Zhu pets, and a family member wanted to get them the Zhu Zhu pet Wii game. Well, the retail giants around here had the game, at a full $20 more than a local discount store. The discount store's shelves held the very same game, brand new, at a much deeper price cut than anyone else around. A bit of price shopping helped save my family member that $20.

You'd be surprised what sales are going on for certain items; it's definitely worth a bit of shopping around to see who has the best deal for you. The internet also makes this a very doable and quick way to make sure you are getting the best price on an item.

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