February has a way of turning our thoughts to romance and dates and the like. While it's wonderful to spend time one-on-one with your siginifcant other, if you're a parent, there's someone else in your life who could benefit from some alone time with you: your kiddos.

MomVesting continues our path to imparting financial knowledge in our definitions series, and today’s post is about real time trades. This definition is actually one of the simpler stock definitions. However, despite its simplicity, there are a few things about real time trading to keep in mind. For that reason, we’ll cover real time trades in depth.

What’s the Real Time 411?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I am reminded to appreciate my husband for the wonderful person that he is. Not that I need an overly-commercialized day of pink construction hearts and red cupids to tell me that I am blessed, but it’s nice to slow down once in a while and take stock of the beauty and treasures in my life.

We plan to celebrate in a low-key way once again, as is our tradition. Maybe some chocolates and a nice dinner. Maybe some ice cream and a movie. One thing is pretty guaranteed: sugar will most likely be involved, since we both have sweet tooths.

Children are pretty smart. They pick up on things you'd never expect them to, like when you swear under your breath, barely audible to their little ears. But they also can pick up on the general meaning behind some pretty complex financial definitions, like inflation. Let's look at the ins and outs of inflation, through a child's eyes.


Kids cost. Kids cost money. They cost time. They even cost sanity at times. But have you ever wondered if they'll cost you a career? Unfortunately, in our culture, that could be the case; but it doesn't have to be. Let's take a look at how staying home to raise your children could potentially leave you out of a career path. Then we'll take a look at some great ways you can combat this difficulty.

Why Staying Home Could Leave You Staying Behind

A retirement that includes sipping mai tais on a tropical beach may sound wonderful to both you and your spouse, but are you truly financially prepared? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum, where you haven't even discussed retirement plans yet? No matter your situation, have no fear: planning a retirement together can begin at any age. Let's look at how to plan a retirement together, starting at the very beginning.

When Lovebirds Meet

There are some pairings that just go together. One would just not be the same without the other. Mickey and Minnie. Peanut butter and jelly. Captain and Tenille. Puts and calls. What? (Insert that neat little record-screeching sound they play in a movie when all activity comes to a halt here.) Okay, so they might not be the first things that come to mind when famous word pairings are mentioned, but in the world of investing, puts and calls definitely go together like peas and carrots.

Options, Options, Options

The other day, I decided to make a kid-friendly meal that was healthy, fun and low-cost. (Yes, no kids yet, but with one on the way, it's time to think up some great kid-friendly recipes!).

Since kids love chicken tenders and cheese sticks, I thought that combining the two would be a surefire family-friendly meal perfect for everyone once baby makes three. And they were a hit with my husband, a man with "kid taste," so I thought I'd share the recipe here.

Chicken Cheese Sticks

When I was young, my mother was a poor single mom. She didn't make much, so we never had much. Of course, this never bothered my brother, sister or me; we never knew we were poor. What we did know was this: money has a great power. A purchasing power. An amazing ability to buy either a large quantity of things or one item. How did we know this at seven-, six- and three-years old? Why, our mother taught us. Today I'll let you in on her secrets to teaching kids about purchasing power.

Take Every Opportunity

Have date nights with your life's love started looking a bit reminiscent of the Steve Carrell/Tina Fey flick? You know, the same old dinner at the same old restaurant with the same old stilted conversation? Let's face it: even though we want them to happen and look forward to them, date nights with our spouses can get a little stale. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to spending time with your special other half.

Try a Rotten Tomato