Investing in Family: Kid Dates

Investing in Family: Kid Dates

February has a way of turning our thoughts to romance and dates and the like. While it's wonderful to spend time one-on-one with your siginifcant other, if you're a parent, there's someone else in your life who could benefit from some alone time with you: your kiddos.

Think of it: when was the last time you and your child set aside time and specifically planned to do something together, just the two of you? It seems that sometimes because we're with our kids a lot, that should be enough. But why not go a step further and get together with your child for a special time together outside of the shuttling to activities, daily dinner, helping with homework, etc., etc.

Time It Right

Pick a date and time that works well for both of you. The whole point of going on a "date" with your child is you two spending quality, uninterrupted time together. So try to pick a day that isn't totally saturated with places to be, things to do, and people to see so that you'll have a good chance to actually pull the concept off. Make sure to put it in writing and mark it in a place you'll both see.

Date Ideas

Get your child's input on what he or she would like to do, and decide on where you're going to go during your time together. Find something enjoyable you both can do. Go grab an ice cream cone, or maybe even grab a meal together. Take a walk in a local park. Use your imagination; the time together needn't be overly expensive. Also, it should be something you two can use as a springboard for talking, sharing and laughing with each other.

In my home, my hubby has been taking turns with each of our girls taking them out to a special breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes at a local diner). Each of them absolutely loves this time with their dad, and I think he's pretty fond of it as well. And even though it's not technically a "date" on my end, when he takes one of them out, it gives me some one-on-one time with the other twin. It's really kind of a win-win situation all around.

Keep It Up

Make an effort to pencil in these dates on a fairly regular basis, say once a month or so. Also, if at all possible, altnerate parents. If you took Sally this month, next month have your hubby do something with her. This gives your children time to have each of you to themselves for some uninterrupted bonding.

How about you, MomVesting readers? Do you go on "dates" with your children? What are some of the things you and your kids like to do when it's just the two of you?

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Ohhhh I love this. When ours are old enough to enjoy this we'll be doing it for sure.