Women and Money

Kids cost. Kids cost money. They cost time. They even cost sanity at times. But have you ever wondered if they'll cost you a career? Unfortunately, in our culture, that could be the case; but it doesn't have to be. Let's take a look at how staying home to raise your children could potentially leave you out of a career path. Then we'll take a look at some great ways you can combat this difficulty.

Why Staying Home Could Leave You Staying Behind

As women, we tend to invest ourselves fully and completely in nearly all facets of our lives. We are often as equally invested in our commitment to money as we are in our relationships. Yet we tend to talk and read more about the latter, too often ignoring our financial educations. Well I say, "No more!" We shall conquer our financial educations here and now, beginning with an understanding of why we women are perfect investor candidates.

Men and Investments