No Money, No Time? No Problem!

No Money, No Time? No Problem!

Making time for yourself.  That really did sound good when you read it in an earlier post on this site.  With the new year upon us, what better time is there to put this idea into practice?  If you're shaking your head at your screen and saying: "Melinda's nuts!  I have no time, next to no money and what time and money I do have is eaten by the kids!"  Take heart, moms.  I have a few ideas that will give you some super cheap ways for both you and your kids to get a break.

Check Out Your Library

There was a point in my girls' early years that I cringed at the thought of taking them to the library.  I mean, two two-year-olds in a place that's supposed to be quiet? Forget it!  But they grew and finally reached an age that I could sign them up for a beautiful invention called Preschool Story Hour.  If I ever see who first implemented this marvelous idea, they're in for a huge hug. 

Anyway, a lot of libraries offer variations on this theme: your child spends an hour with the librarian in a room full of other kids their age listening to stories and completing crafts.  Your kiddos are taken care of, they're learning something (or at least having fun), and you get an hour of quiet time to explore the library.  Spend it browsing books, leafing through magazines, or surfing blissfully uninterrupted on the net.  Did I mention it was super cheap, too?  There's probably little to no cost involved for this gem of an idea.  It truly is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

The Grocery Store

I can hear you now: "The grocery store? She's off her rocker."  Hear me out, my fellow moms.  Two of our local grocery chains offer a version of a kids club for their shoppers.  How it works is kids of a certain age range (somewhere around 3 and potty trained, to 8) can stay for an hour in a totally supervised play area filled with awesome toys and games.  There is a limit to how many kids can stay in the area, plus a pager system to reach you fast if your child needs you.  Your end of the bargain: you have one hour and have to stay within the store.  Cost? Free! 

Now, to some of you out there, this might not sound like a way to get in some me time.  Consider this: no one says you have to do any grocery shopping at all.  Why not drop Junior off at the club and head over to the little cafe area for a cup of joe and some - you guessed it - time to yourself.  This is definitely another win-win situation in my book.  You have your time, and your kids get some time to play and just be kids.  Oh, yeah, and our store usually gives them a cookie and balloon as they leave.  Sweet!

So you see, moms, carving out an hour for yourself doesn't have to be costly and doesn't always have to involve paying a babysitter.  Scout out your area to see what's available to you and your children.  You'll both be happy you did!

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Sat, 01/15/2011 - 22:16 Comment #: 1

I do agree with a library suggestion. We don't have kids so I cannot say anything about gorcery stores but I do know that our public libraries offer A LOT of activities/events/shows for kids. And some (okay, it might be embarassing) sound so good that I caught myself once thinking to check them out. :-)

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