Teaching Kids

When I was young, my mother would loan me a few dollars here and there to buy a toy. It was agreed that I would pay her back when I raided my piggy bank upon arriving home. I always thought she was simply being nice by loaning me the money; I never realized that she was also teaching me a valuable lesson about the world of finance.

Now, looking back, I know that the simple introduction to lending became invaluable as I entered the adult world of personal finance. I learned from my mother's teaching tactic that money loaned is always expected to be paid back.

As we continue to discuss ways to teach kids about money, we come to the task of introducing kids to the world of business. And particularly to cultivating their own businesses. Since business management can teach children about working together as a team, giving direction, going on sales calls and managing money, developing entrepreneurial skill sets is almost integral to life. And it's really not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Let's look at some business ideas that can help give your kids an edge.

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