Between giving ourselves a raise, saving during the holidays, and investing with less than $1,000, we’re as giddy as children over here at MomVesting.  Here are some of our favorite posts that we came across this week.  Hopefully, after reading them, you’ll be as excited as we are.

Here's a look at some posts that caught our attention this week:

Well it's finally getting cold here -- I've even had to wear a hoodie this week to keep warm. But the news in the world of investments has been anything BUT cold, so let's take a look at some great links and analysis from this week:

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the MomVesting links round-up. Here are some of our favorite finance stories of the last week as well as a recap of the subjects we discussed and some blog carnivals in which we participated. We also wanted to take this time to thank all the bloggers in the personal finance blog-o-sphere for the warm welcome.

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Welcome to the first MomVesting Round-Up! We'll be looking at some articles about personal finance and investing that caught our eye this week.