Sunday Round-Up for October 31, 2010

Sunday Round-Up for October 31, 2010

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the MomVesting links round-up. Here are some of our favorite finance stories of the last week as well as a recap of the subjects we discussed and some blog carnivals in which we participated. We also wanted to take this time to thank all the bloggers in the personal finance blog-o-sphere for the warm welcome.

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So let's dig into our finds:

Balance Junkie asks whether it's Time to Stop the Bubble Machine?. You might think: "What kind of monster wants to stop a bubble machine?" but it turns out she's talking about asset bubbles. By looking at 3 different articles on the subject she provides very in-depth analysis.

Wealth Pilgrim looks at a tactic to get the best of both worlds in college savings plans. By my calculations, if your kids are younger than 15, college will cost roughly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS by the time they're in school, so you might want to check this one out.

Jonathan Chevreau has two suggestions for you: The first is to retire later, and the second is not to die. If you're ignoring the second bit however, you can feel free to also ignore the first.

Miranda Marquit asks "Should You Get Non-Deposit Products at Banks?" I assumed this would be a post about stealing pens, but it turns out to be about all that stuff your bank tries to up-sell you with every time you visit.

Given that the season is upon us this post from the past is relevant. Much like my grocery store, Canadian Finance Blog was Preparing for Christmas in June. Instead of putting up Santas and reindeer disturbingly early, Alan looks at all the financial preparations you should make before it's too late. This may be your last chance before holiday madness overwhelms you.

But Back to Us...

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