Real Estate

My mom really enjoys the televisions show "Leverage." Hedge fund managers on the other hand tend to enjoy the financial type of leverage. You've probably heard of terms like "Leveraged Buyouts" on TV, but most of us haven't really though about what leverage means in that context. So, when talking about finance, what is leverage and is it good?

Leveraging Things

I come from a family who built their worth from real estate.  My grandparents started out poor, and they bought a run-down house for a song.  Before their first child was born, they poured blood, sweat and tears into renovating the house.  Then, they sold that house to move up the real estate chain, purchasing a new home across town.  This house was also renovated and sold, while two more children were added to the mix. 

All of us would like to have a feeling of security and control over our finances. So, what’s keeping us from getting there? The idea that you have to make a lot to save a lot is a myth. Whether you make $15,000 or $1.5 million, you can save and invest for your future. Just as with any great journey, sometimes the only thing holding you back is getting started. And my guess is you're already investing more than you think!