Investing in Health

From the pregnancy glow to the new baby's giggles and smiles, welcoming a little bundle of joy into your family is often a heart warming, happy experience. But despite those adorable tiny toes and cute little coos that invade your home, there can be one thorn in your side: extra post-pregnancy weight. If you have put on a little jelly in your belly, have no fear. Banishing the bulge is possible. Follow along for some tips and tricks from a newly slender mom.

My Story: Following the Best Doctor's Advice Ever

The old "Pyramid" nutrition guidelines are pretty much obsolete now as the government puts forth the new "My Plate" guidelines. The old system, it seems, was confusing, and the "My Plate" system should help clear things up. What does this mean for you and your family as you strive to meet nutritional needs? Let's take a look.

"My Plate" in a Nutshell

I have never been good at eating. Scratch that. I've never been good at eating well. Since my teen years, I have yo-yo dieted, and it wasn't until recently that I discovered some of the reasons my weight and I have fought like cats in heat: I have a low resting metabolism; my estimations of portion sizes were way off; and I like tasty (but oh-so-very-bad-for-me) foods. All of that has led me to many struggles over my adult life, and I hope to teach my children to eat well from the get-go. How? Well, let me lay out my plan.

Start Young

I am trying to eat as healthfully as possible right now. Fruits; vegetables; whole grains; everything that the doctor recommends is going into my mouth in an effort to get all the nutrients I need. This sounds simple, but as anyone who’s ever counted calories, carbs, food groups, or elephants knows, getting to ideal numbers is hard work! I have found a few awesome tips, though, so let’s take a look at how to eat more of the good nutrition that your body needs.

Finding Your Ideal Numbers