Financial Planning

Resolutions may seem intimidating, especially when they are financial resolutions. Trying to resolve in one day to overhaul any or all aspects of your finances can be a nightmare. However, when you break down your resolutions into goals that are accomplishable, financial resolutions aren't quite as scary. Let's look at some of the best ways to make financial resolutions in the new year.

Think Big

Continuing our Relationship and Finance series, we come to “The Plan.” We have built the basics, and now, with knowledge in our pockets, let’s look at ways to build a financial plan.

Design Your Blueprints

As you build your joint financial future with your spouse, you will be relying on all of the building blocks you have already laid through your work in the series, beginning with talking about your ideal future.

When I bring up finances with my girlfriends, the first response is usually something like, “Yes, I know. I need to get out of debt.” Sometimes they start complaining about student loans crushing them, and sometimes it's credit cards. Regardless, the outcome is always the same: They think that being debt free is the definition of being financially fit.

These days, it's accepted -- and almost expected -- that men and women will share the financial decisions in relationships. Two heads are nearly always better than one, and if now is the time to discuss financial equality in your relationship, how do you help your spouse see you as an equal?