Common Financial Mistakes

When there's a $1,000 credit line to your name, it may be tempting to feel rich. It may even be tempting to spend some of that credit on a hot new outfit or a few other treats. But spending all of that would-be cash can cause you some major trouble in the form of lowered credit score and a strapped-for-cash situation. Want some more details? Let's look at some more info on credit below!

What is a Credit Card?

The young couple seemed confused. They bought their home with the help of a realtor, who had assured them that waiving their rights to a home inspection would help them clinch the purchase during a bidding war. The realtor was right; the strategy won them the home. But a few months after moving in, the couple learned that winning the home because they did not pursue a home inspection came at a huge cost; the home's basic structures were faulty, and it needed to be taken down to the studs for a complete rebuild of the plumbing and electricity. (Synopsis of a "Holmes on Homes" episode, HGTV).

If you're building a home for the first time, congratulations! The construction period can be one of the most exciting time periods in any person's life, as he or she dreams of living in the final product, a home completely built around preference. However, the construction period can also be a nightmare, what with choice upon choice and deadline upon deadline to deal with. And those choices and deadlines often come with a hefty price, above and beyond the construction estimate.