A couple of months ago I shared with you that I still drive my very first car.  She’s approximately a decade old now, but she still hasn’t had any engine problems and I haven’t made payments in over five years.  Oh, and one more thing, she’s still shiny.

Some people see cars as an investment.  Maybe they think that pretty little mode of transportation is going to become a classic and one day they’ll be able to sell it for a nice profit.  Most of us, however, aren’t that lucky, and unless we want to retire in our cars (as in sleeping in them), our cars are not an investment.

It’s hard to let go of stuff. Some things make life easier, while other items are nice mementos. Sometimes, though, stuff just gets in the way of life goals, no matter the ease or memories they provide.

Recently, for example, my husband and I sold our third car. That sounds ridiculous even as I write it, but it’s the truth. Mike and I had three cars between the two of us, and I work from home. Yes, that is right. Ridiculous, huh? That’s not the whole story, though…

The Whole Story

My husband and I were both originally raised in sheltered lifestyles, so when we moved to Seattle, WA, in 2002, we were in for some surprises.  From the annual nude bike ride in the Fremont district to four-star cuisine to snow-capped mountains in June, we experienced countless adventures that rivaled our laid-back former lifestyles.  In one adventure, we were buying a used car at a dealership, and our previous sheltered farm existences were challenged.     

Picture it. The suburbs of Buffalo. Summer of 2005. My hubby and I had been married for four years, and I had just got the car of my dreams. A new-to-me, shiny, black VW Beetle was mine (complete with the bud vase and everything!). We had two incomes, ate out a lot, and now I had new wheels. Life was sweet.