WAHM: One Mom's Story

WAHM: One Mom's Story

I don't know that I'm what you'd call a true work-at-home mom (WAHM); I do dabble in freelance writing from home, but I also hold a part-time office job. Plus I'm still kind of a newbie at this whole "I'll write, you pay" thing. But I have learned a thing or two about managing a home, an outside job, two preschoolers, a hubby and freelancing all at the same time. Today, inspired by Jessica's great series of posts here at MomVesting on working at home, I share a few tips that I've learned throughout my short career as a WAHM.

Tap Into Your Passion

You've heard me say this before, so it's not a new notion. But if you are going to take a stab at working from home, wouldn't you love to be doing something that you, well, love? If you truly enjoy whipping up batches of homemade goodies a la Martha Stewart, consider following that niche for a potential WAH job.

As for me, I had always liked writing, and last summer was the time that I thought "Why not? What have I got to lose?" The point is this: if you have a true and genuine interest in something, you'll find getting started easier and more desirable.

Homework, Even After All This Time

Sure, no one really likes the thought of homework, do they? However, learning all you can about your WAH venture in the early days of getting started is a smart step. You'll learn what kind of market is out there, where to go for questions and general support, and how much pay is feasible for starting out in the business. You know, the important stuff.

Look at it this way: you most likely wouldn't go into a job interview without doing even a little bit of research on the company or position. Why is a WAH job any different? Homework now equals more informed and smart choices as you grow your business.

Others Like you

One of the best things I did when starting out in the world of freelancing was find a gathering place, so to speak, of other writer moms out here in cyberspace. I cannot stress enough how much information and support I have gleaned through other moms doing the same thing I am trying to do.

The advice here? No matter what type of job you're looking to do from home, consider connecting with others who are in the same boat. Encouragement, education and the general knowledge that you are not alone and can succeed in your endeavor is something you'll want in your journey as a WAHM.

Working at home is definitely an option for us at-home moms. With some research, planning and connecting, you can turn your passion and dreams into a money-making reality!

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