Sunday Round-Up for February 6, 2011

Sunday Round-Up for February 6, 2011

In an ironically titled post, “Delayed Gratification:  What Kids and Marshmallows Teach Us About Wealth Creation,” Money Cactus shared how linked our ability to resist sweets might be without ability to resist splurging.  It’s nice to have you back online, Shaun!

If you’re one of the people who can’t resist the marshmallows, check out Money Cone’s post, “Never Pay Full Price.”  If you’re going to spend, you might as well save as much as you can.

Either way, stick to your budget, and remember to “Pay Off Your Debts Early,” Retirebyforty reminded us this week.

Save money wherever you can, and make money wherever you can is my motto.  Minting Nickels has a blog dedicated to all those little ways of making extra cash, and this week they suggest to “Try Magic or Magazines.”

Now we’re all familiar with secondhand as a way of saving money, but have you heard of SecondMarket?  Check out Balance Junkie’s post, “Is a SecondMarket a Better Market?

Now, I’m drawing a blank as how to suddenly jump to adolescents, but hey, this is MomVesting, so just assume children are inherent.

One of the blogging contest submissions posted on Credit Cards Canada is “A 16 year old kid knows something about finance?”  Check it out and see what you think.

Speaking of what kids (or young adults) know or should know, click over to The College Investor’s post, “What Young Workers Should Know about Social Security.”

One thing I wish I would have known as an adolescent is that “they” weren’t kidding when they said my metabolism wouldn’t be like “that” forever.  I so wanted to prove them wrong.  Alas, now I run.  (A little selfish plug there… hope you don’t mind.)  Check out Wealth Pilgrim’s post, “The Start Being Self Employed Now Guide” to start running with me.

Someone else who’s enjoying the world of exercise is Jeff.  His health resolution is now summed up in one word, “Friends.”

While we’re on the thought of heating up the body to lose weight, could “Heating with Body Heat [be] the Future of Frugality?”  Just ask Invest it Wisely.

Whether you are child, an adult, trying to lose weight or save money, there is one thing we should never forget:  “Family Time Comes First.”  Thank you for the reminder, Money Reasons.


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Thanks for the mention! :)

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Thanks for including me this week!

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Love the picture! Thanks for including my post this week, I'm glad everything is up and working agin too :)

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You're all welcome. I really enjoyed the posts this last week. :)

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Thanks for the mention! I would have commented earlier, but work has been crazzzzy lately!

Great list!