Financial Lessons I Learned from Alice in Wonderland

See? You can take more than just a story from a kids' flick!

Never follow a white rabbit.
Don’t let your stock broker or financial advisor rush you to jump into a decision -- you could end up in a money pit. Think carefully before you make a move, and always feel free to get a second opinion.

Pinch yourself if it feels like you're dreaming.
In the realm of financial decisions -- just like everywhere else -- if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. For every person who gets rich off an asset bubble, there are many, many more who lose big.

Don’t be afraid to dirty your dress.
Statistics show that women are often better investors than men in the long run because of their willingness to educate themselves. Come on down into the trenches, learn the basics and more, and start creating your future on your terms.

Believe in six impossible things before breakfast.
If you don't expect to succeed, you won't. Believing in yourself, your ability to learn and apply good financial tenets, and your ability to profit from your knowledge and decisions is more than half the battle.

That pretty face won’t last forever.
No matter how many wrinkles we manage to prevent, getting older is inevitable.  What works for you in your twenties is not going to be what you want to be doing in your fifties.  Be sure that your investment strategy matches your goals and the time frame you have to achieve them.

You can always paint the roses red.
Be sure to look into DIY options before you spend your money frivolously.  Want new furniture? Make a fashionable slip cover.  Don’t like your dishes?  They make paint for that.  Don’t like your landscape?  Refer back to lesson #3.

Happy investing!

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MoneyCone wrote:

Wed, 12/29/2010 - 16:32 Comment #: 1

Very neat Jessica!

Here's my favorite each time I hear a financial expert come up with some new fangled theory regarding the market:

"Well, I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense" (-mock turtle)

Jessica Schmeidler's picture

Jessica Schmeidler wrote:

Wed, 12/29/2010 - 17:15 Comment #: 2

Ha-ha! I love it.

Anonymous's picture

Aloysa wrote:

Wed, 12/29/2010 - 22:19 Comment #: 3

Smart and witty! I loved them all. Your post made me smile. The first one "don't follow white rabbit" is so true. I always follow my instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Jessica Schmeidler's picture

Jessica Schmeidler wrote:

Wed, 12/29/2010 - 22:42 Comment #: 4

I'm glad you liked them, Aloysa. My favorite part in the movie is when the rabbit throws the tea cup, yelling, "You're late for tea," followed by a fit of giggles. I couldn't quite figure out how to tie that in nicely. Any ideas?

Anonymous's picture

Shaun wrote:

Sun, 01/02/2011 - 09:21 Comment #: 5

"Believe in six impossible things before breakfast" So important I think! Really we can do just about anything if we are determined and believe in ourselves.

Great post Jessica

Jessica Schmeidler's picture

Jessica Schmeidler wrote:

Sun, 01/02/2011 - 12:50 Comment #: 6

Thanks, Shaun! :) No matter how contented we get about our lives, I think it is always important we never let our minds become overly complacent.

Anonymous's picture

Aloysa wrote:

Sun, 01/02/2011 - 23:49 Comment #: 7

Hmmm... "You are late to contribute to your 401K?" Hahaha! No idea!

Jessica Schmeidler's picture

Jessica Schmeidler wrote:

Mon, 01/03/2011 - 01:05 Comment #: 8

That'll work. ;) LOL

Anonymous's picture

Money Reasons wrote:

Tue, 01/04/2011 - 01:52 Comment #: 9

Whenever I hear or read Follow the White Rabbit, I think of movie: "The Matrix"

Very funny post those, nice tie together!

Jessica Schmeidler's picture

Jessica Schmeidler wrote:

Tue, 01/04/2011 - 04:45 Comment #: 10

My husband said the same thing! :) I really need to watch that movie trilogy again; I don't remember the line.

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Mon, 02/07/2011 - 22:14 Comment #: 12

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