Three Ideas for New Year's Resolutions

Three Ideas for New Year's Resolutions

Recently, one of my friends on Facebook posted that her New Year's resolution was going to be to quit whining about how difficult things were and to just do it. I really, really liked this. Sure, life is hard at times, challenging at best during others. Facing whatever it has to throw at us with an attitude to "just do it" is a nice way to start out 2012. Here, I've taken a look at a few more of life's areas that could use some resolutions as we move into another year.

Re: Finances

Own your finances, and don't let them own you. Set a budget and stick with it. It doesn't matter if it's weekly, monthly or any timeframe in between. What matters is realizing how much money is coming in and endeavoring not to go over that amount in expenditures.

For me, another personal financial-related resolution this year is to continue to save money through combining coupons and sales. The notion of super-couponing has really helped our weekly household budget, and I hope to save even more in the upcoming year now that I have a solid half-year's experience. I also hope to increase my modest stockpile of those items we use a lot.

Re: Education

This section could also be called "Never Stop Learning." It doesn't matter if you have a GED or a Master's Degree; learning can be a lifelong pursuit. Resolve now to learn something new every day, every week or every month. We live in a day and age where the means for acquiring new knowledge is literally at our fingertips 24/7/365; take advantage of this!

MomVesting can help with some of this. This upcoming year, MomVesting will continue its "Simple Does It" series in which we boil down investing and financial terms into easy-to-understand formats. Also, we'll continue our look at this country's college savings plans.

Re: Family

This year, remember that you are still the parent of your children and have been tasked with the total care and upbringing of said offspring. Endeavor in 2012 to fulfill that role to the best of your ability and impart to your children those lessons needed to make it in this world.

Guide them, but don't complete every task for them. Be there for them, but let them have time to play or be by themselves; even the youngsters in the family can benefit from this! Give them jobs that are fitting for their age around the house; or in other words, expect them to be active participants in the household chores. Teach them about money: how to spend it wisely, save it, etc.

You've heard it before, and rightly so: parenting is probably the single most difficult job out there. It's also probably the most important. Just as you do at your place of employment, strive to do your utmost best for your job as parent. Your kids and the world will thank you later.

Don't, however, forget your spouse. Kids kind of have the ability to make us do just that; to put the one we committed to spending the rest of our lives with on the back burner. While being a parent is a huge responsibility in our lives, being a spouse should be just as huge. This year, resolve to strengthen your partnership with the co-CEO of your family. More date nights, counseling, talking more; whatever it is your relationship needs, do it. And stick with it.

So, MomVesting readers, what are some of your resolutions this year?

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Lovely resolutions for a New Year, I look forward to reading about how they are going this year!