Super-Couponing: Click Your Way to Savings

Super-Couponing: Click Your Way to Savings

I love living in this age of the internet where, at the click of a button, there is a vast array of info on just about any topic. Everything is at your fingertips 24/7/365, and super-couponing is no exception. In my quest to combine coupons with sales for savings on household products, I've come across several websites that are virtual bevies of awesome couponing information. In short, utilizing these websites has greatly helped my efforts, so I'm giving a shout out to them today…and passing them on to you!

Couponing to Disney

Before you hurriedly skim through this section, let me reassure you that you need not be a Disney fanatic or planning a Disney vacation to appreciate this wonderful site. Couponing to Disney is filled to the brim with all sorts of ways to save money, and it caters to everyone.

Every week, the site matches up current coupons with the sales and deals at national chain stores (as well as some Southern-only chains). The result? Savings galore! All you really need to do is grab your coupons and head to the store to nab the products you want.

This site has infused Disney-esque magic into the coupon chore; they have taken the guesswork out of matching coupons with the best deals around. But they don’t stop there; the site also offers up other hot internet deals and money-saving tips. A bonus for those of us trying to make extra cash (for investing, a rainy day, or that Disney vacation): the site offers advice on ways to rake in some additional dough.


This pretty cool savings and coupon site touts that it is "not your grandma's coupon site." Besides offering detailed information on national store’s coupon policies and tips on completing your shopping experience as smoothly and successfully as possible, Hip2Save updates followers on new coupons available on the web throughout the day.

Also, check out their database to see if there is a specific coupon for a specific item (Couponing to Disney and a number of other sites also have these awesome databases). But Hip2Save goes a little farther, posting blogs that can show how to save mega-bucks through different shopping scenarios. For example, one post showed in detail how a shopper paid only $13 out of pocket for a ton of products.

Store-Specific Sites

Do you have a soft spot for a particular store? You can almost bet there is a coupon/savings site dedicated to that retail-love-of-your-life. Two readily come to my mind: Totally Target (for those Target lovers) and Wild for Wags (for the Walgreens fans out there).

These sites are maintained by people who live and breathe the sales and deals at each specific store and, most importantly, pass this knowledge on to their fellow shoppers! More often than not, they also include deals outside of their respective stores.

Honorable Mentions

There are a ton of coupon-based sites out there, and all work hard to share valuable information with consumers. Check out the following sites (and maybe even find your favorite):

A Few More Things

If you are into social media at all (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), many of the above websites are active participants and give their updates throughout the day in social media format. In fact, I found many of the sites I now frequent through Facebook and have been able to score some sweet deals simply by following their pages.

Also, it's good to keep in mind that while national stores are often included in the websites, the actual deals, products and prices can vary from region to region. That awesome deal nabbed by someone in New Mexico might be slightly different (or even unavailable) to another person in Nebraska.

Stay tuned as we keep exploring super couponing, giving you the means and motivation to help save on things you buy every day. Feel free to share any of your own tips and tricks at any time!

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