Sunday Round-Up for November 28, 2010

Sunday Round-Up for November 28, 2010

Here at MomVesting, we would like to help you take control of your finances and build your investments from the ground up.  So, without further ado, here’s how to accomplish that through other people’s blogs.  Thanks for doing the work for us! 

First, you need to get into the proper mindset of personal finances.  To do that, check out Dividend Monk’s reflection regarding a frugal mindset in Use it or Lose It.

Then, click on over to Money Cactus and let Shaun set the stage for Designing Your Wealthy Life.  This is another great post about the mindset you should have when you set out to achieve financial goals.

By now, you should have your head on straight.  So, head over to Couple Money where Elle shared her own Savings System, based on the timeframe of goals.  This is an excellent article whether you want to tweak your savings, or aren’t sure how to get started.

After reading that post, you should be in the mood to save money and get ahead.  Before you dive into creating your financial plan, take a moment to read what Canadian Finance says about how much is enough.

Right about now, the word “debt” should be crossing your mind.  It’s always a question about which came first the chicken or the egg—do you save money or pay down debt first?  Well, once you get that settled in your mind, check out PTMoney’s article about Which Debt to Pay Down First.

Now, if you’re really on track, you might be in the mood to start investing.  Before you start scanning for stock or dividends (if that’s what you’re into), check out the Intelligent Speculator’s list of 20 Things to Look at When Judging a Dividend Stock.  There’s a lot of information here—all of it great!

Next, check out the Tax Planning Tips that Wealth Pilgrim shared to save us money.  Thanks, Wealth Pilgrim!  It’s never too early to start planning for tax season.

Finally, because I know you can’t get enough reading, check out another article that is very dear to my heart.  Okay, well, maybe not, but it’s definitely a subject that my husband and I simply adore discussing:  Who is Best at Running the Family Finances—Men or Women?

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