More Savings At The Pump

More Savings At The Pump

Recently, we brought you some ideas on how you can shave some of those pennies off the price of a gallon of gas. Now we're back with a few more ideas that can take the sting out of paying at the pump. With a bit of weighing your options and some planning on your part, you can help maximize the minimizing of your gas use.

Make A New Plan, Stan

It seems like the age of being able to hop in the car for an impromptu jaunt to wherever might be coming to an end. These days, it can pay to think ahead and plan where and when you'll be using your vehicle.

Combine trips as you're able. Try to hit up the grocery store and the post office as well as do those other errands on your list in the same trip if at all necessary. Anytime you can cross stuff off of your list without a separate trip will save you not only time but can translate into savings in terms of gallons as well.

Seek Out An Alternative

Another no-brainer way to save on gas is to leave your car in the garage and engage in other alternative means of transportation. Public transportation is one such option. Bus, train, subway – most major cities have some form of ways for you to get around. Yes, these aren't free, but they could be cheaper than paying $4 a gallon (yep, our gas in the western New York area is right at this outrageous mark).

If you live in a rural area or have a schedule that just isn't compatible with public transit, then you could consider carpooling. My father did a form of this for years when he was working. We lived about fifteen minutes outside of a small town in rural Missouri, and my dad worked at the Kansas City airport, a good hour away. Each day, he'd drive into town and meet up with a few other fellows who worked at the same place, and they'd take turns driving to and from their work site. Not only did this help save gas (and this was back when gas was under a dollar a gallon), but it also helped cut down on mileage and wear and tear to each person's vehicle.

Yet another alternative is to hike or bike. When possible, let your legs and feet take you to your destination. Or hop on the bike and pedal your way around town. Again, I know this isn't possible for every trip or every person, but if you can put either of these notions into use, you'll see a savings on what you pay at the pump (a bonus: it's a good way to sneak in some exercise!).

How about you, MomVesting readers? How do you save on gas?

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