Friday Round-Up: Finance and Parenting Blogs

Friday Round-Up: Finance and Parenting Blogs

Life is back to normal for me now, and I’m enjoying my long daily walks with my tiny Great Dane. I am also loving the ability to run when I want rather than on some convoluted training schedule. My next race is the Turkey Trot, and it will be purely fun (and no pain!).

Obviously, I have a lot more time on my hands now, so I’ve had the pleasure of picking up a few more writing jobs and surfing the internet more. This week covers all the bases from politics to IKEA to tinsel-town dreams:

  • Retire by 40 takes the time to Occupy Portland…or at least to attend the event and report back to us. The entire movement is very interesting and focuses on getting corporation-influence out of Washington, D.C.
  • Join the alternative power debate at Miss T’s Geothermal Power post. Miss T knows a lot about geothermal power, so check out what’s on the horizon.
  • Jeff discusses how upcoming Changes and Opportunities have left him at a standstill on finances and sustainability. Join him for his insight on why his house is a mess and why changes just aren’t happening.
  • Think adulthood isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be sometimes? Join BrokeTO as she details why Being an Adult is Kind of Sucky.
  • Laura took a field trip to IKEA with her two girls and managed to get out of there for under $55 (!). That’s money well spent considering it bought lunch for three and a bunch of much-needed replacement items!
  • Revisit Selling the American Dream with Little House in the Valley. She takes a look at how Hollywood perpetuates stereotypes about housing; everyone in the movies has a fantastic house, no matter their financial situation.
  • The Family CEO makes another smart decision: paying cash for a car. I hope to one day be able to do this, too, so it was nice to read her story!

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Thanks for including my link!

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Little House, loved the post -- very interesting!