Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

Independence Day is one of our nation's greatest holidays. There's just something about fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers and bomb pops that brings out our pride in the USA, a collective pride and patriotism that spreads across parades, air shows, firework celebrations and even the lowest key family grill outs. It's hard to resist the call to patriotism when kids are sporting flag face paintings and scrunchy patriotic top hats, when ten-foot tall Uncle Sams roam the parade route, when family and friends gather to celebrate our nation's birthday.

Here in the Midwest, corn is knee high, fireflies make their debut and the mercury is beginning to climb above 90 or 100 during the day, with cooling breezes becoming more than welcome after the sun dips below the corn- and soybean-filled horizon. Kids light up sparklers and write their names in the sky, delighting in the simple joys of childish wonder and intrigue.

In other parts of the country, kids are celebrating in some of the same ways, without fireflies sometimes, but complete with sparklers, warm days, hamburgers, parades and fireworks. Separated by miles but joined by the American Fourth of July customs and traditions, we can all feel the collectivity of belonging to something greater than ourselves, to a country that may be flawed but still stands strong in our pride and patriotism.

We here at MomVesting wish you and yours a wonderful celebration this July Fourth. Collectively, we can all raise our glasses in a nod to our heritage and celebrate our country's history. So here's to you, MomVesting readers; enjoy your day, your families and your friends.

Let us know below how you celebrated: we love to hear about the joy in your lives!

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