Most of us have probably heard about diversification and always assumed it was a good thing. We’ve always been more worried about how to achieve diversification rather than whether to do so. Let’s go ahead and upset the apple cart here and investigate a basic question: Is diversification good?

What Is Diversification?

In James Bond movies the so-called "Bond Girls" were the epitome of excitement, danger and intrigue. In the financial world, bonds are generally sought by those looking for the exact opposite. So let's take a look at whether or not you should become a bond girl; what role should bonds play in your portfolio?

You know our mantra -- knowledge is power when it comes to your finances, and you can't be in the game unless you know the lingo. We hear the words "asset," "liquid asset," and "depreciating asset" thrown around a lot -- now's the time to get a handle on exactly what those terms mean.